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I reached my jean size goal this month by choosing to live a healthy and active lifestyle. My "diet" is just eating healthy and enjoying treats in moderation.

Mentally, getting here has proved to me that I really am the one in charge of my body, even when I hit a brick wall (injury, surgery, getting sick, etc). Those setbacks would have been easy to use as excuses to give up trying, trust me I did sometimes use them, but deep down I really knew that there was no excuse, no matter how hard it was and how long it took me.

I now realize that I am not done by reaching what I had always thought would be my "end" goal. Before hitting my goal I was asked if I would be interested in training for a fitness competition. I remember thinking me? hahaha. yeah right, but it has made me think of what I could really accomplish now that I hit that size goal... So I guess I am really just starting again.... just to see what I can do now.

As far as compliments, I still get them but now I get more specific ones. My two favorites so far, was being told I have skater thighs (lol, I'm not quite there yet!) and being asked if I lift "real weights" because my shoulders/arms were pretty darn defined for a girl!

TBH, I do sometimes miss the "extra padding" but only when sitting on a hard surface or when my body hits something too hard!
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