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I have an Oster blender. It's a beaut and makes a racket like a turbo charged swamp buggy, but it's worked faithfully for years. On the 100 pound thread a poster mentioned that she got a little smoothie maker that makes the smoothie in a cup that you just grab and go with. So I went looking for it thinking that my Oster beast and the giant glass container was a little much to deal with some days. When I got to the store I found a smoothie maker that actually fits on my Oster!!! I was very pumped about it because it comes with an extra blade that actually will fit into my regular blender, and it was a bit less than the other one. Very cool that!!!

I will put pretty much anything (except raw egg) into my smoothies. Most of the time I use almond milk, frozen fruit, protein powder and a little blender magic.
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