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Hi Lori..

Seems like several of us are from the windy city. I am in the Oak Park area.

I started at almost 300 8 months ago and it is slow going because I have physical limitations also. I am about you height. Actually just a tad shorter than you.

I started very slow on exercise. I couldnt walk a 1/4 of a block, so I know how you feel. Perhaps you can start slowly by walking one flight of stairs ( at your own pace). I found if you do something, ANYTHING, it is better than nothing.

I understand your reliance on the Lord is not a cop-out. I am also a believer. But as the saying goes.. God helps those who help themselves. So perhaps asking Him for the strength to start doing a little movement may be the best start.

As Almeeker said, the 100+ thread is one of the best around for encouragement and nudging too Hope to see you there.. and good luck on your journey!

Starting weight.........298 lbs. (March 22, 2010)
Current weight..........231 lbs.
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