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Default Thanks all!

Thanks everyone for your quick replies and encouragement!

Yes, I do belong to both the Bally's Fitness Center nearby as well as the Evanston Athletic Center (EAC) just a few stops away on the Purple Line elevated train. Bally's doesn't have a swimming pool but EAC does so when I DO begin my "gym centered" workouts that is probably where I will start, i.e. water aerobics. Happily, my contract with Bally's is only $125 a year and my disability status allows me to belong to EAC at a great discount so, even though I can't take advantage of my memberships right now, I know they are waiting for me when I CAN get there.

Of course, my first challenge is just to get out of the apartment. I'm taking this one day at a time so first, I'll focus on my eating habits (currently erratic and filled with sugars and fats) and lying on my bed to do stretches. For now, just moving is a challenge but I realize that daily effort will lead to progress and positive results.

I'll keep everyone posted, I promise. I'm just so happy to have this forum. Everyone is so supportive, postive yet realistic. Don't be afraid - EVER - to "nudge" me. For instance, yes, it could be a cop out to say that I'm depending on God to get me through this. I can understand how, perhaps based upon past experience, someone might believe that's what I'm doing. The fact is, for me at least, my relationship with Him is a great support for me, not an excuse. I know He loves me and I honestly feel He's brought me to FitDay for a reason . . . EACH ONE OF YOU!

So, anyway, thanks again. I'll keep praying, recording my calories (in and out), and carefully but regularly stretching-progressing-to-actual-exercises, all while keeping you posted on my accomplishments and pitfalls. Keep up the good work, each of you, and may God's blessings keep all of us focused, positive and secure.

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