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Originally Posted by path75 View Post
I started using the "Cardio Max" and "Last Chance" workouts and alternated each day. The cardio max has 3 levels so you start at level 1, then 2, and last 3. Each level you add ten minutes. The last chance had two different sets of exercises, toning upper/lower and cardio. There was only one level for the last chance. I realized a couple months ago I needed to focus on toning so I ditched the last chance and opted for the "Power Sculpt" video. This video also has 3 levels so you can start out small and work your way up. I am on level 3 for the cardio but only level 2 for the toning. Next month I will start the level 3 toning. I love these videos and would recommend them to anyone.
Per your advice, I went last night and bought Cardio Max and Power Sculpt. I started this morning with Cardio Max level one, or actually I used to week 1-2 so I am assuming its level one. Its definately going to take me some time to move to the next level. I will start the Power Sculpt tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion!!
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