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Okay, enough talk about hamburgers!!! (I could really go for a burger about now)

Scndtonun, I am about eight pounds away from my goal, so I am at the hard part of it now. I have struggled with ups and downs since high school and have lost weight and gained weight in probably all the wrong this time I am focusing on my health and doing it right in a way that will change the way I deal with food forever. I had been about 5 lbs from my goal before the holidays and then wild and reckless abandon took place, so I started out on Jan 5 to lose 15. I have lost 8 so far but the last ones are the hardest. I am not a big person (5'1") and goodness knows I have wrecked my metabolism over the years, and I love carbs.

I am ready to get off the roller coaster (and onto the treadmill)!

You are smart, Kathie, to plan ahead. That is real life. My sister will say things like, "I haven't had pizza in five years" or "I can't eat pasta anymore." To me personally, that's not a lifestyle; that's permanantly depriving yourself. Works for her, but it wouldn't for me.

Keep up the good work, everyone!
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