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Scott, your new plan is good but I would highly recommend keeping a mind towards recovery. You don't gain muscle/lose fat in the gym, you gain/lose while your body is resting and recovering. Do your spot jogging/pushups as a WARM-UP for around 20 minutes before you start your 5x5 routine for the night, then leave it be. It might be hard to accept at first that more is not better, it took me a while too, but seriously, you'd do better giving your body a chance to respond and adapt rather than wearing it out.

But by recovery, I don't mean going out and drinking beer. I mean eat wholesome food and get some nice shuteye.

My rules:
1) eat real food - more vegetables, moderate meat, moderate fruits, less grains, less sugar, less vegetable oils.
2) exercise - moderate intensity cardio, sprinting, heavy lifting, dedicated stretching and mobility.
3) live - relax, de-stress, meditate.

Disclaimer: I'm not professionally qualified to make any formal recommendations. I've just done my homework and I'm my own guinea pig. All of my data, unless otherwise cited, comes from a sample size of n=1 (me).
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