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Cassie-What are your weight loss goals?
Kathie-When you put your goals in fitday, does it give you that message that you should check with a healthcare professional because it's more than 2 lbs? I put in that I want to loose 13 pounds by 3/15 and it gives that message. It's only 2.07 per week. Sheesh. I find

I find that I am thinking about food all the time whereas I normally never did. My weight is mainly from my four kids and never getting down to my regular weight after each one of them. Not that I eat well because I was a fast food junkie. (Notice the "was") Going on a cruise soon and I barely even remember that because my mind is flooded with calorie information! UGH!

Kathie- if you are going to plunge into the burger, just try and do it in the least unhealthy way. Maybe a wheat bun, turkey burger, loaded with lettuce and tomatoes. Like that one book, Eat this, not that. Ha!
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