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Thank you midwestj, and thank you 01gt4.6 both very much. Your insight has been very helpful.

The 5x5 looks like a good start at 3 days a week in the gym. At least 2 or 3 days a week I think I'll keep on the incline push ups and crunches on top of that. If I understood the exercises correctly, I should be doing 5 sets of 5 squats/bench press/etc. of each exercise for one hour each visit, alternating A and B every other-other day, 3 days a week.. What I didn't understand from the article is how it stressed a 1 hour workout each time you do Exc. A and Exc. B. Am I supposed to stretch those few exercises to last an hour? Seems like a small workout to fit into 1 hour...

As for my weight change while deficient, my Fitday results say otherwise. One such example: a few weeks back, there was a day where I had about 2,350 calories in one day, which is around a bit under my maintenance weight. The next day, I weighed about 1 pound less than I did the day before, but kept to about 1,250 calories for this day anyway. The next day, despite eating 1,100 less, I weighed more than I did the previous day. The only difference exercise-wise between these days was I did a couple sets of push ups. I weigh myself wearing the same thing, and at the same point in my day everyday- right after I wake up in the morn and do my dirty in the washroom. And I do weigh myself every day and I prefer to have it that way because I always know where I'm at.

I drank 96oz (1,170 calories) of beer on the first night, but I only drink maybe every other weekend, if not longer (so the excess isn't on excessive days... but beer is good ). I don't know if that plays a major factor in this story, as I am judging that 1 calorie of beer will have the same effect as 1 calorie of... cheese.

The above example (not the beer one) isn't the first time I've noticed weird shifts in the pattern, but I believe this instance is the most extreme. Otherwise, differences have been only by a pound or two by the day, up or down. If you were to take a look at my weight change graph, you'd notice it is for the most part on the downward slope, but with bumps throughout, some of them by as much as 3 or 4 pounds. But there isn't a day where I've eaten any more than my maintenance weight.

Even on days where there is little difference between what I ate and exercised one day and the next, the first day I might lose a pound or two, the next I might gain a pound or two. This would make sense if I weighed myself at different times of the day, but not when I take measures to weigh myself at the same point in my day.

Perhaps this is why you'd suggest I don't weigh so often? Can very natural biological shifts play tricks on the scale on a day-to-day basis?

From what I gathered, this is now my plan (not set in stone):
1900-2200 calories; 160g of protein from this
2-3 days a week in the gym with the 5x5 and other exercises in mind
3-4 days a week of my calisthenics routine
A minimum of 1 hour of spot jogging a night OR 40 minutes at 9km/h on the treadmill on gym nights.

Also, of those 1900-2200 calories, does it matter if I get those nutrients from Swiss Chalet or a TV dinner or a home cooked meal, etc? I know that fat/carbs/protein will play a role, but are 50 carbs/protein/fat as good from Swiss Chalet as they are a home cooked meal? Yes, I know about saturated/non-saturated and so on.

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