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Originally Posted by midwestj View Post
No its alcohol, like beer wine etc.

Artificial sweeteners don't even have any calories do they?

You are better off using natural sweeteners sparingly rather than putting all that artificial crap in your body.

The 1% thing must be a mistake, can you create a custom food of your cereal using the nutrition label? Then it shouldn't have any phantom ingredients.
Thanks...I didn't add any artifical sweetners...I never do. Since I bought Kashi cereal (in the food search as-is)and my husband threw out the box, I thought maybe there might be some in it.

I know that when I was on SBD, it was not recommended to eat too many artificially sweetened treats because of the sugar alcohol content. I realize that sugar alcohol and regular alcohol do not have the same chemical structure but I thought that perhaps the pie chart might register both.

Thanks for your feedback!
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