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My daughter gets hot lunch at school because she prefers it. I also do school of choice, so I have to drive her to the bus stop and it's about a 35 min ride from there. But from an academic standpoint, its an awesome school and their lunch menus are better than most. They offer salad as a main course! Her school has all the kids bring in water bottles from home and they have scheduled hydration breaks. They also have "afternoon snack" which I'm not so thrilled about, DD tends to not eat her dinner. We have a choice of sending in classroom snacks once a month or sending her own snack daily, and the school sells popcorn for 50 cents as an ongoing fundraiser on Fridays. I let her buy popcorn Fridays, and the rest of the week I send her with an apple and a granola bar. It's absolutely appalling what some parents send in! Fruit snacks are NOT fruit, people. You might as well send in Gummi bears. Chocolate covered granola bars? Might as well send them Snickers.

On TV the news has been talking about the new California law banning toys from kids' meals with more than 600 calories, and it was stating statistics like 50% of kids 5 and older and 85% of kids 5 and under will ask to go to McDonald's when they see a sign or commercial, and more than 35% eat there once a week. Mine don't bug me to go to McDonald's anymore, BECAUSE WHEN THEY DO I TELL THEM 'NO' AND EXPLAIN WHY. When did it become OK to let the kids decide what the family is going to eat/do? Step up and be a freakin' parent people. Yes it's easier in the moment to hit the drive thru, but what happens when your 4 year old is now 16 and wants her boyfriend to move in with her, and is used to you letting her get her way every day?

I'm going to step away from the soapbox now. I can't control what other people do, but I will do what's right for me and my family. Those that don't like it know where they can kiss it.
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