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Welcome to Fitday, the site that saved my life

You are obviously committed to making changes; can I be honest? It is going to take a lot of effort, commitment and hard work on your part.

Putting everything in the hands of god is a bit of a cop out. Only YOU can take advantage of these blessings, only you can truly commit to the choices you make.

How did you get so heavy? What is your daily calorie intake? What can you, with your limited physical abilities commit to exercise wise?

These are questions only you can answer, honestly, truthfully.

Be honest, make a commitment to yourself, and a plan. It might not be easy at first, but your weight is excacerbating your physical pain, and you will feel gradual benefits from some weight loss and build on that.

My advice would be to concentrate on diet first of all. Use Fitday, analyse your food, lose some pounds. One step at a time. Let your body adjust.

Then plan a little exercise. Be kind to yourself, don't knock yourself out. Go onlline, research the best exercise for your physical conditions. Be pro-active, none of this is going to happen through anyone else, just you.

Good luck, and kep us posted on your progress!
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