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For me, snacks are very important. Some of the things I eat alot of are:

cucumbers (very filling and low cal)
cottage cheese (high protein and fat free)
100 calorie bagels (very filling)
sugar free chocolate pudding (still very rich)
Sugar free jello (basically a free food)
carrot sticks with fat free ranch
Bananas (easy to carry in purse)
natural apple sauce
Kashi Sunshine cereal (very yummy finger food)
Special K protein plus cereal with 1/2 cup skim milk (feels like a meal)
Wheat thins
Greek yogurt (very high protein)

These are just some examples. Various snacks is the key to me staying on a diet. It is easy for me to do healthy meals, but when hunger strikes if you are not prepared with a good snack you can really go down the wrong road.
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