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Originally Posted by GameGal View Post
I Do understand that it is not a promotion or anything else and that it IS a volunteer position. And I am glad to see a team is being formed. My point was that it seems odd to pick someone who I saw as being rude, being one of the "pickees". Cograts on the position.

I am not mad they didnt pick me. And to the one who said maybe I didnt volunteer, I did. But it isnt about me being picked one way or the other. This is only one of many forums I participate in as a poster and moderator of some. So it makes no difference to me whether I am moderator here.. I do plenty of it elsewhere. As I have stated several times now.. my point was about the rudeness, but perhaps my wording was incorrect and what I call rude, others perhaps are more accurate when they say abrasive. Either way, I am glad they do have spam monitors now. It's an improvement very much appreciated.
not to keep this going but I still don't know when I was rude. If I was rude to IBAngel then I'd like to know so I could apologize.

You first got defensive and talking about being rude in this thread
I didn't say anything that could have possibly been taken rude, am I missing something or were you confusing me for someone else, as mentioned above?

I do know that I was critical of Admin and Mods due to lack of activity on this board when all the spamming started, but at that time it was true. Once IBAngle came on and introduced herself she's done an amazing job, I've been nothing but supportive.
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