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Originally Posted by LisaAnnie View Post
Oh well, it is what it is... and for me it was frustrating to lose only 6 pounds in 4 months. Many hypothyroid women find it is more difficult and that it takes more effort to lose weight than before their thyroid went haywire. That's my experience. She asked how other hypothyroid dieters lost weight, and I didn't see the sense in sugar coating it.
I believe that about some things. But not about my health and fitness. It is too important to me to just give up and accept I can't do anything about it. It is what it is because I get to decide what I want it to be.

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating for everyone. If it were easy no one would be fat.

I have wondered if it is really easier for some to lose the weight or if it is just because they put more effort into it.

I understand the scale frustration because it barely seemed to move for me too.

I had side by side progress pics done recently and someone said it looked like a 15-20 pound difference. It was only 4&1/2 pounds, how frustrating is that?! I put the scale away and go by how I look and how my clothes fit because I want it too bad to give up.

Good luck on reaching your goals. It may not be easy but all the hard work really is worth it.
"Just Do It"
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