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Originally Posted by Hunny24 View Post
Great job Mike! Who cares what others think...I don't see them signing up to help be a moderator. ...
Hold on a second...

Originally Posted by GameGal View Post
Thanks for finally stepping up and creating this section. It is frustrating to be reporting spam/advertising over and over and nothing gets done. Email the powers that be and never hearing back. As I said in one of the forums here, it is a MAIN reason I and many others are NOT willing to go premium.

I also have my own site * I do web pages * and moderate another forum as well so I know how critical it is to have some active participation from the owners/mods.

I have also offered to help in the emails I have sent ( and of course never heard back). So I hope the moderation team is formed quickly and stays on top of things. ...
After IBAngel made her presence known I don't remember Mike being rude... But maybe I don't remember the posts. I remember Jason, midwestj, making a non-constructive comment, which he apologized for, but people were getting frustrated and rightly so in my opinion. Mike can be blunt and almost abrasive sometimes but I respect him and I think he's probably a good choice as a moderator. He's definitely passionate and outspoken. Plus he single-handedly drew attention back to and the forum from the powers that be.
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