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Check out their website.
You will get better information there.
I do not follow their food, I only follow their recommended percentages. Alli is not something to go into lightly; you should really educate yourself about the program first and prepare for it.
I also hate their recipes on their website; they are too hard to follow and are for too many calories. I called them on it and it is geared for people use to eating 3000+ cal a day which I could never do and have never done. So it is best to design what works for you but understand what alli is doing. All it is doing is blocking about 1/3 of the fat from being absorbed so theoretically you can eat more fat, less carbs etc. Many of us also feel it works on stored fat but there is no proof.

I also don't eat any processed or artificial food. I eat real foods, nothing fake and if real foods are too fattening (like butter) I just don't eat it period. It is not that big of a deal.

Especially knowing it is not forever. Also one usually loses quickly in the beginning on Alli then it slows down. 1 - 2lbs a week is the better rate to lose because you are learning to eat properly and in a way where it won't come back.

I hope this helps...

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