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I'm a nurse and worked nights for quite awhile. I know as well that you don't get to sit down and eat properly a lot of times because of the situation you might be in at the time. I found that while I was working nights, I ate a bit lighter and by the time I had gotten home at 7am, I had 5 meals. They were mostly protein and veggies. I also found that while in the weight loss phase I ate predictable foods. I packed my lunch and if I alloted myself for an example 1400 calories, in my lunch box would be 1400 calories. This included my meals and snacks. I knew I could eat everything in my lunch bag and be within my caloric safe zone. When I ate my carbs for the nite it was in the middle of the shift and I ate them with protein. I also tried not to eat for a couple of hours before bed. Do you work out before you go to sleep or, before you go to work? Maybe try squeezing a HIIT workout in before work, it only takes about 20 min and will leave you feeling energized and kick start your metabolism for your shift. I find that when i'm aware of things it keeps me in check. So your on the right track. Hope this helps.
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