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Originally Posted by GameGal View Post
The one person who , in my opinion has been rude and incredibly impatient with the new moderator getting her team together, gets promoted to super moderator!

Many people offered to help and had experience and werent nearly as negative to the new moderator, and yet they werent chosen. hmmm

As I said, very interesting.
please explain when I was rude or impatient. I don't believe they are finished selecting moderators. I was hell bent on getting rid of the spam and pushed the issue. If you consider that rude or impatient, then so be it... but like you said, that's your opinion and you are entitled to it.

BTW being a moderator isn't a "promotion" it's a matter of volunteering your time to help the board as a whole out. I don't get any special privileges and certainly don't get paid. I'm doing it to help the board out, I'm sorry you don't see it that way.

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