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Originally Posted by Alexd33 View Post
I have been considering getting the insanity workout dvds, im currently doing p90x, i kind of restarted it, i was doing pretty good for a while then went on a few short vacations which got me totally off track. anyway im finding it pretty hard to do the 6 days a week working out, i usually make it to 4 or 5 which is still good but i havent seen any results. i push myself very hard during the workouts, and have been making changges to my diet as well, yet i feel im getting nowhere, im already in pretty good shape, i only want to lose about 7-8 lbs and mostly firm up but i havent lost any. ive been told to try to limit the carbs but im having a hard time finding dinners that are quick, easy and filling enough without any carbs. i thought maybe the insanity would be better for me to up the cardio...... any advice???
How far along are you since starting? If you're in the first couple weeks, and your muscles are sore- muscles often retain water to heal themselves which might show no weight loss on the scale. Keep tracking your calories and nutrient intake- diet is hugely important for losing weight.

I was really frustrated Monday when I did my two-week results and weigh-in for Insanity and I had gained a pound!!! I am losing inches however. Well, the next day I started my period and today that extra weight is gone and I am looking forward to hopping on the scale tomorrow and probably seeing another 1-2lbs of water weight gone.

You just have to keep with it. My point is, our bodies do all sorts of screwy things that we can't always predict. However, if you stick with it it, a calorie deficit is a calorie deficit and working our muscles is preventing a good deal of muscle loss during weight loss.
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