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Thanks for the thoughtful replies. The Whey protein is new to me, but I've never had a problem with dairy before. I've just always preferred soy milk to regular milk. I normally put raw broc on my salad, but I was never much of a chick pea guy, so those were a bit different. For what it's worth, I'm feeling much better today. In fact I feel kind of great.

Is it really true that I need to drink 64oz + 8oz for every 10lbs I want to lose? Since I want to lose 180lbs that would mean 208oz per day or 13oz an hour. I'm not sure I can consume that much. I only had about 54oz yesterday, so that could have been it. I'm gonna try for 100oz today.

On the protein, I really wasn't sure how the balance should be. Yesterday I had 111grams for 22%, with 41% fat and 37% carbs. I know the fat got out of whack with that avocado. I wouldn't normally eat a whole one, but it was so darn good mixed with the hummus

Thanks again everyone. Looking forward to participating in the community!
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