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Originally Posted by Jane850 View Post
I think that's a good message - if your medication is correct for your thyroid condition, then you should be able to lose weight like everyone else. But, a lot of people find that their low thyroid symptoms are still present even though the doctor says their test results are normal. That's when you need to really dig for more information (and perhaps a new doctor). If you're still not feeling well, and you're not able to lose weight despite a true effort, then you probably need a different combo or amount of thyroid meds. Don't just assume that because your test results are in the "normal" range that everything should be okay. It can be a lot more complicated than that.
Which is why I said she should get a copy of her lab results. I was always "within normal range" on my yearly blood work according to my OB/GYN. What I didn't know was that they only test 2 not all four levels and that those two they do test were at the lowest end of normal.

The only reason I found out that my thyroid was, in fact, not functioning, was because when I had a head injury the tech noticed something else not related to my injury. I was sent to a specialist as soon as my injury allowed. I had 3 tumors on my thyroid.

I knew there had to be a reason I had started to gain weight because I ate healthy and I was already very active.

If my former doctor had done his job properly and said "Hey, lets just just have a little more testing done because I don't like how low your levels are even though they are within the normal range", I could probably have been treated sooner meaning I wouldn't have continued to gain weight despite increasing my workouts and running to 7 days a week.

The constant exhaustion you have with hypo thyroid makes me think of how you would feel when you eat poorly, plant your butt on the couch and aren't active. No, I was never a couch potato but I know someone who is and she wonders/complains all the time about why she is tired and fat. She just continues to make excuses for her bad eating habits and laziness.

I have my levels checked every three months and always get a copy of the lab results (not just the report) so I can see for myself that my thyroid is functioning the way it should be. If my jeans start getting tight I know it is because of me, not my thyroid.
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