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Wow 01gt4.6! I hope your friend is ok.

I recently bought all new clothes even though I didn't want to. I was out of town visiting family and friends, who told me I looked ridiculous, and literally dragged kicking and screaming to the stores, thrown in a dressing room and forced to try on everything they picked out.

I thought I would be set for months, but I lost the rest over the past 6 weeks and actually hit my "jean size" goal. (of course I can't be happy with that and now want to be one size smaller! lol) I thought what a waste of money! I didn't even get to wear all of it yet!

But a fire last week left a woman, her 3 teenage daughters and a son with nothing. They lost everything and apparently were pretty poor to start with. I got a call from a friend who is trying collect stuff for them. She said she just went through the donations that came in and said she didn't know what to do since nothing would work for the girls.

I through almost all of it into lawn bags and dropped them off. My friend said I was crazy. I think maybe it was just meant to be...
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