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It must being going around because just this past week I cleaned out my closet and gave 2 good sized bags to a friend of mine. She's gone back to school and has a daughter about the same size, what she can't use she donates to a charity house that her church operates. I took another 2 bags of stuff to another friend that just had a baby, her husband has been job hunting for a year, so every little bit helps. Then I had another 2 bags that will be going to Goodwill. Then I took a huge pile of the really dressy stuff to a consignment shop (I'm petite and so my evening gowns have all been hemmed shorter than my friends). The consignment shop is fantastic, because you can either choose to get a check or get store credit, so maybe sometime this winter I'll be able to get some new things in my new size.

Sorry to hear about your friend Mike, that's horrible.
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