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I use Links removed to get approximate values for a lot of restaurant/prepackaged foods that aren't in FitDay's database. I also use the back of the box for this. For calculating recipes, I use and. Another site I've been loving lately is which is a user created database of THOUSANDS of recipes. You can search by ingredients, main dish or side, time and difficulty to make-it's awesome. Some recipes have nutrition info, some don't but it's pretty easy to plug it into one of the recipe calculators above. I used to do the math by hand when I started out too, the online tools save a lot of time. Open fitday in one window, and a calculator in the other, shrink the windows to make them both appear side by side, and it's sooo much easier. It also gets easier as you go, because you can browse your previously entered foods as well as your custom ones. Make sure you put some sort of unit on your recipe names(whole recipe, 1 cup, something like that) so you remember later what the portion size is, because FitDay's custom foods always come up as "one serving" in the measurement slot.
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

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