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Default Update

Looks like the "plateau" is gone for a while. After implementing some changes, the body has decided to seriously dump some weight. Have lost right around 15 lbs in the last two weeks--simply amazing!

Still eating roughly the same number of calories, except for keeping the weekends better under control, and no alcohol (still plan to have some once a month).

Have also:

Upped weekday excercise to a full mile walk at lunch time.

Stopped coodking my breakfast w/olive oil (for some reason it never occurred to me that this was a source of calories until reading Jason's food log (thanks again, btw.)) now use no-stick spray.

Made a modest attempt at keeping my protein to fat ratios better (not always successfully, but I do try).

That's it. I'm amazed that after 6 months of this I can go into turbo mode like this. Thanks again to all who posted suggestions in this thread!

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