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Originally Posted by justawalker View Post
How long do your workouts last? do you go in a circuit or finish one on to the next?Any Supplements? How much rest between sets? Lotta questions sorry.
I finish one and move on to the next. The rest depends on if it's a light, medium or heavy day. On average about a minute though. In the beginning phase, the workouts lasted 45mins tops. I'm talking in and out the gym in 45 mins. Now they last about an hr, some more, but I also do this with a friend.
As far as supplements, I probably take more than 99% of the population lol...
I take whey protein (post workout and sometimes during the day), if I need more protein I take casein at night (haven't taken that in a while b/c I get most of my protein from food). I take a daily mens vitamin, fish oil, Green Tea Pills, Glucosamine + MSM, L-Arginine (I love this one, if you've never tried Arginine, look into it), sometimes Glutamine and I just started taking Z Force (ZMA).
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