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Originally Posted by justawalker View Post
Pretty much. One of my good friends even said why? You've tried before. What's the point? You are just destined to be fat. Have only seem that friend a couple times since I started. Not that good of a friend
Interesting that you would have this issue as a man. I've had it to some degree as a woman, but that's to be expected, women are after all very competitive in the "image" category. The most interesting thing for me is that the ultra-fit women, who never spoke to me before, all of a sudden are opening up and asking me all sorts of questions about my workouts and running shoes etc etc. Meanwhile most of my old friends are still my friends, although I know a few of them feel compelled to discuss nothing but diet and exercise around me. Eventually it will even out I'm sure.

BTW you look fantastic, and great job on getting in shape.
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