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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
cool, I'm glad I could help.

I just realized that it only took you 3 months, wow! Amazing job... especially at 50!

Do you want me to do your pics in a side by side?
Mike I have a question. Are you doing a split routine for you weights if so care to share what days and what muscles you work and how often? Also any supplements?

I have been boing full body workouts 3 days a week. Planning on doing this until Dec and then going on some sort of split routine for a few months lifting heavier and then see where that takes me.
Just curious how you got to the point where you are now.
Thanks in advance

BTW any other guys that might have an opinion about this that are seeing reults by all means chime in...
50 years old 5'11"
started: July 11th 2010
Highest Weight 238LBS aug 19th 2009
Starting fitday weight: 230 lbs (38" waist)
weight: 214.6lbs Aug 27th
weight 213 lbs Sept 1st
weight 211.4 lbs Sept 4th
weight 210.2 lbs Sept 11th
weight 207.4 lbs oct. 12th
weight 203 lbs Nov 6th ( 32" wist)
1st goal met weight 200 lbs( November 11th 2010
202.8 1/4/11

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