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Hi guys/ gals. I am kind of new to the site and very new to the forum. I am 36 yoa , 5'11" and am looking to get back into shape. I have the PT side of the workout going very well and I just need to get the diet / nutrition part leveled out.

My history, I used to lift weights daily and was in great shape then marriage / kids / work (you know all of the excuses)

I quickly went from a very cut 187 and then to a soft 205 and at my highest a very fat 254. I decided that I needed to do something about it for my health, kids and work.
So now I am down to about 208 and my shoulders are once again wider than my waist. My strength, endurance and overall cardio health has improved drastically.
I have started to get into those endourance / adventure races (like the Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder) and they have been a great goal to work towards!! ( I have 2 in 2011, I already paid so I have to go!!)
But I would like to cut another 15 or so lbs. In order to do that I need to get my diet in check!! So I will be asking alot of stupid questions ( I apoligize for that ahead of time)
Hopefully in return for that I can add something to the forum in the future>
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