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Default I love winter

I have to tell you - yesterday I had SO MUCH FUN skiing! I went to the same county park/forest as I had in the middle of January. Only that time, I fell on about 75% of the downhill stretches of trail. I avoided a lot of hills because of the risk of injury.I had fun, but it was at a cost. I went home sore with quite a few bruises.

I started training right after that.

What a huge difference in just two weeks! Since my legs and back are stronger, I did every hill without falling once. It was so much more fun now that I'm in better condition. I took some huge hills, too! Two hours later, I was tired, sweaty and very happy. Plus, I got to see some amazing winter landscapes. The quiet of the forest with the snow gently falling around me....? Wonderful.

So, besides wanting to be healthier, I also work out so that I can enjoy the sports and activities that I love. I want to learn kayaking and rock-climbing!
Oooh... look at me going on and on...

It's day 17 The forecast looks great for today and tomorrow. I'm going to get dressed, snack on a banana and head out for more skiing! WoooHOOOOOoooooo!
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