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I think part of it depends on your preferences. I'm definitely a social drinker as well and usually have some sort of weekend event that involves alcohol. I always try to prepare myself during the day by finding ways to feel like I'm eating just as much but swap out higher calories. I will pick out a lower calorie frozen meal, skip the cheese on a burrito, put extra banana in my protein shake and skip the peanut butter- things like that. I usually allow for less of a calorie deficit as well- as long as there still is one. My biggest challenge is stopping once I've had enough calories or saying no to the food (which is especially hard when your tipsy friend decides he needs to make 4 boxes of mac n cheese (my fave) and there are only 5 people eating!!!)

I also enjoy the bud 55 calorie beers when I'm at a casual event usually. Sometimes I feel like it takes more of them though to feel a buzz because their alcohol content is lower. Wine is pretty low cal (compared to other alcohol) but a "glass" of wine is about 4oz and I could drink a lot more than that! I usually drink light beer if I need that feeling of sipping or holding a drink in my hand since it takes longer to drink than a shot or mixed drink. Plus it just feels like more when there's a big glass in front of you. My go to hard alcohol drink is rum and diet coke but you have to be careful if you go to a bar and order it because you can never be certain how much rum they actually put in so it's harder to track.

As others have stated, I also notice a pound or so change on the scale for the next day or two even though I kept a deficit. It usually drops back in a couple days though but I'm sure it slows the progress. Although I'd prefer to not have the extra pound the next day, it's not worth it to me to completely ban it- it's something I enjoy. Moderation and trying to limit the days it happens is key for me.
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