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Oh yeah, I pride myself in being technically savvy but I am finding myself technically challenged with this site.

Just started so I am trying to familiarize myself with the site. It doesn't seem to want to be user friendly. Perhaps I have an email at home giving me the basic details! Nah... checked last night.

So I tried to enter some activity for the day... Well, what I want really is not there.. should would be nice to create my own.. nope... can't see how to do that. So-o-o let's use what's handy... yep adds it to my activity for the day but won't let me change the time interval so it would up the calories burned.
Just gives me 1 minute.. the rest is attached to my 'lifestyle'.

Food... yep I eat it... I've checked the tab a little but hasn't seemed handy yet. With all you folks out there who are using this site you would think handy would be a middle name.

Doesn't make any sense to consider a PC version of Premium Level if I can't even conquer the basics. After all, at this rate I should be able to enter managing the sight as an activity for all of the effort (you can add light kissing and hugging... probably only a minutes worth).

So if anyone out there can jump start my activity on this site I'm all for it!
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