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Okay so I've established that I'm an Aussie. Truth be told, I don't really say g'day much normally, but it seems kinda fun.

I'm Coco, a 5'10" 24y/o who's been sitting pretty at about 60kg (138lbs) for the last half decade thanks to my love of cycling, as I mentioned in one of the weightloss success story threads. My weight fluctuates by about 2-3kg either way and I'm pretty happy with where I sit on the BMI chart. However... there is always room for improvement.

I've been riding pretty much everywhere since I was 19. After 5yrs it's simply become a way of life for me. I can't LIVE without my bike. In fact, collectively, my man & I own 6 bikes (7 until about a month ago). While riding has been great in maintaining my already normal weight & improving my terrible circulation & cardio health, it does nothing for my overall muscle strength and definition.

In August 2011, Tim & I are flying to Kuala Lumpur to embark on a 6mth cycling tour of SE Asia (YAY!!!) and in the 9mths leading up to our adventure I want to prepare my body by building muscle and eating healthily.

At the moment I have thighs of steel, but little to no abdominal & upper body strength & a little more bum-jiggle than I'm comfortable with. I have a pretty all-or-nothing approach to eating habits which manifests itself in sometimes going crazy on crappy calorific foods, sometimes going diet-mental, sometimes fasting and sometimes just not giving a damn either way. Having a image-obsessed mother who lived vicariously through her daughters & a competitive relationship with my sister didn't help.

I'd been frequenting the local gym for a while, when a nasty knee injury landed me in rehab & brought my workouts to an abrupt end about a year and a half ago. For a brief while my body was in the best shape ever and that's what I want to get back to.

Looking at the progress that some of you guys have made makes me realise that it's really going to be a matter of motivation & persistence for me more than anything. When you don't have far to go it's almost easier to slack off and say, "oh, I suppose I'm okay the way I am - do I really need to punish myself?". But I'm tired of being 'okay' & looking at pictures and thinking I COULD look like that if I ate less pizza & chocolate & made it to the gym each day.

So... here begins my 9mth plight to get into peak physical condition before our journey begins. I'll be starting a journal on the forum & while I don't necessarily have weight targets, I'll be using the FITDAY logs to check in weekly for the sake of keeping you all updated. More importantly, I'll be trying to monitor what I eat and keep photographic records of my progress.

Please offer your support - I'll need it to stay motivated and honest with myself about my progress. I'll be on here frequently see how everyone else is going & to give my support & praise where it's wanted, too.

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