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Question Veggies!!!! Raw or cooked?

Is there anyone else out there who loves certain cooked veggies but can't stand them raw. I am that way with most of mine. I love broccoli cooked, but can't eat it raw. As I said, it's the same with all veggies for me. I have seen on more than one occasion that I need to be getting my carbs from veggies not breads and such. But I can't whip out a head of broccoli and just gnaw on it.... not gonna happen, so.... I have heard arguments for both sides... now I want to hear them again. Raw or cooked... and since I can't eat them raw are they just as good for me cooked?


Also... I see a lot of people with their stats/goals as a signature type thing at the end of everything they post. How do I do that???
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