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I agree with almeeker. 100%!! The diet you need to follow pre-op is intense. It's not like you can have the surgery and then go to McDonald's and have a Big Mac.

I know one person that had the surgery and though she has lost over 100 lbs in like 6 months, she still looks like sh*t... Her skin is all saggy and her son's friends call her batman. (because of the extra skin under her arms). She did the surgery because she was TO LAZY to exercise and eat right.

Therefore, I think the surgery was unnessary for her.

If you truly feel like the only way for you to lost weight is surgery well I guess do it, but you have to truly give yourself 110% at trying to lose wieght naturally to do it. It may be hard at first, but TRUST ME, when you lose wieght do to your own motivation and not surgery the rewards are so much sweeter! You will feel empowered and so accomplished..

Sorry sister, I'm just not a fan at all of surgery..
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