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It's funny that you bring up Wall-E because I actually did see that movie and in fact brought that same little girl to see it back when it came out! I actually reminded her of it when she informed me that walking was stupid. She laughed and said that while she never wanted to be like the people in Wall-E, she thought Bolt was a much better movie. I never realized how hard it can be to reason with an 8-year-old.

Here in the city I live in, we have plenty of bike lanes and a bike rental system that has become wildly popular. I am a member myself even though I own a car. Basically you pay a yearly fee, or per use. You get the bike at one of the hundreds of docking stations spread out across the city, ride it to your destination and then dock it at another station closest to your destination. This system is now popping up everywhere. It's amazing because if you purchase the key like I did, it actually keeps track of your mileage and how much gas you've saved. Over the summer I made over 70 trips on these bikes for everything from visiting friends, going out to dinner, going to appointments, etc. They're awesome bikes, with baskets in front and I love cruising around the city on one and best of all there's no need to look for parking. Hopefully they will keep gaining in popularity!
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