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Cool I try so hard and don't see the results I want

Ok, this is the first time I have ever done a forum. I think though that getting feedback from people that have the same goals as I do will be helpful.

I am trying to loose about 17 or so pounds. I am currently 177 and would like to get down to 160 as my first goal. I am getting married in June and it would be great to do it by then.

I have done the Atkins diet with great success in the past and have kept it off for the most part. I have tried this again a couple of times and it doesn't seem to work like it did before and I am not sure why.

I have since then just started focusing on eating healthier and more balanced, trying to get alot of fiber and and whole grains along with lean proteins and fruits and veggie's. I definitely feel better while I am eating better which is a good thing, but I am not seeing the scale move much. I keep losing and gaining the same 5 pounds over and over.

I am super busy with work and school so finding exercise is hard for me, but I do manage to get in the gym maybe 3 times a week depending on what is going on.

I find that my calories are usually in the 1,300-1,400 range with a good percentage balance. The program says my BMR is about 2400 a day so I think I should be in a good deficit even without exercise but I am just not seeing the numbers change the way I would like them to.

I would love to know what some people do to get over a hump and get the scale moving again or if anyone is in my boat or has been I would love some advice.
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