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Wow...great post, even though its not great that you have to go through all of that it seems on a consistent basis. As far as kids not getting enough exercise, I see this all the time. There is a park a block from our house, as well as one a few blocks from the in-laws place, and so many times on beautiful days, we see it empty. Yes, you might see the stay at home mom pushing her kid on a swing but you don't see older kids playing tag, basketball, etc.

My husband and I are in our 30's and we are shocked at this since we both lived outside as kids. We wanted to be outside playing with our friends and our parents never had to "make" us go outside. Obviously we didn't have cell phones, Facebook, etc then but there still were video games and movies. But it didn't run our lives.

Both my husband and I still try to remain active...he plays basketball one day a week in a league and before I really started working out to lose the extra weight, I was doing soccer. And like you walking laps or swimming, there are more people who sit on their lazy butt complaining about what hurts, that they are fat, blah, blah, blah and then never do anything about it. And to make themselves feel better, they have to put people like you down for your efforts of wanting to actually have a great life, instead of just dreaming about one.

I love that this never stops you...yet encourages you to do more even. I want to instill this same kind of attitude and lifestyle into my kids. Even though we only have one daughter at the moment, she goes outside everyday...I get a nice walk in and she gets to play in the park. And the older she gets, you better believe she is not going to be one of those kids glued to the tv or computer. Sports, fun outdoor activites, etc will be the norm. I hope that when she is my age and see's that life is so much more fullfilling when you feel good about yourself and have no health issues, than just sitting on the couch stuffing your mouth full of food and be disengaged from life all together.

Good for you and keep up the good work! Your words helped motivate me today and I hope others as well.

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