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Originally Posted by cjreyes View Post
I am a new member, well to the forum part at least. I found fitday about 2 weeks ago. I think this site is awesome, it does make you accountable for what you are eating, how you exercise, etc.. And it works with any "diet" that someone is on.

I am not a huge poster. but I believe this is # 2 for me. I like to read more so that add my own opinion. but I will be on here everyday to keep track of my results, and I'm looking forward to sharing them with all of you!!
Welcome! This is kind of an old thread, but interesting nonetheless. I note that the OP seems to have, sadly, disappeared as her last visit was on 9/23. As others have pointed out, FitDay is a great tool, but you do have to work it. If you do, success is pretty much guaranteed.

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