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The following may be TMI so readers beware.

I suffer from Diverticulosis so I'm getting to be a subject matter expert on fiber issues. There are 2 kinds of fiber. Insoluble and Soluble. Insoluble is like Metamucil & Oatmeal. It stays intact through the digestion process and helps matter move through you colon. Soluble fiber is what binds things together. You need both types and hydration. Soluble fiber can be found in Benefiber and assorted freggies.

Also, it's not so much the frequency of going as how hard it is to pass stool that matters. Everyone is different. Constipation is very hard on the colon wall which is why people can get diverticulosis. If you need the softeners to help pass stool then talk to your doctor. Those supplements aren't really supposed to be used as a daily regimen.

My only recommendation is to take a fresh look at your diet and water intake and make sure your getting 25g +/- of assorted fiber everyday. If you are right where you should be, talk to your doctor.
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