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Originally Posted by Phipps138 View Post
HI, thanks for answering.

I weigh 188lbs and need to lose 48lbs. My BMI is 31.28. I am a full time mum.
There is far more to it than calories in vs. calories out. It is more about what foods you put in. How are you planning on losing this weight? Are you going on a diet or prepared to make a full on lifestyle change?

Advice: avoid the 'low-fat/calorie restricted/eat many small meals a day' path. It may last short term, but you will likely always be hungry, have sugar cravings and end up putting back on any weight you lost and then some.

Cut out processed carbs including whole wheat anything (it all breaks down to glucose) eat high protein, good quality fats, and get your carbs from veggies and some fruits. You will go through about 2 weeks of de-tox but you will feel better than ever after that and the weight loss will be consistent and healthy. If you find that you are having cravings, eat more healthy fats.

More info on this lifestyle can be found at Whole 9's website, Mark Sisson's site, along with Robb Wolf and Dr. Eades sites for starters. Good luck.
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