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The Primal Blueprint is a fantastic way to go. Also read Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution which is also a tremendous resource (go to

It really depends on your level of metabolic derrangement whether or not you can have a bit of bread here and there. If you are overweight and got that way via eating a lot of grains/processed foods you ought to have NONE in the first 30 days at least. It only takes a small amount of grain/gluten every 2 weeks or so to maintain your level of inflammation so it should be avoided at all costs.

We as humans don't need grains and there is loads of science on sites like Marks Daily Apple, Robb Wolf's, Dr. Eades, The Heart Scan Blog, etc, etc to back it up. We like to think that we need them because we like them, they are tasty and convenient, and we are told that we need them by commercials, Dr's. and dieticians everywhere. Read Gary Taubes book "Good Calories, Bad Calories" to find out WHY we are told that we need them.

I have been Primal since May and have never felt and looked better. I never had a ton of weight to lose, but I never had defined abs before. You can see them now and I like what I see. My friend has lost 75 lbs since March, his blood pressure has gone down considerably and he has also had many benefits from going grain free.

The Primal lifestyle is very doable. It does require some thought, but isn't a person's health worth thinking about rather than mindlessly shoving more packaged food in?
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