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I'm sorry but considering this is FREE board for us to use, and considering in all the time I have been here at least lurking (at least 2 yrs)... and there was rarely any moderators ( nor major problems)... when someone does finally come along and has only been here what 24 hours?? I think its a little rude to criticize her right off the bat. As she said, they are FORMING a team of moderators.. give them a chance! No one said you HAD to buy or use the premium package. All the things you need to keep track and monitor your foods. activity. and also get to communicate to the community... is free. If they had announced themselves 3 or 6 months ago and still are not actively monitoring this, that would be another story.

The flip side of this, and I doubt many people would really like this... is they could require ALL posts to be approved by a moderator which means things we need posted in a timely manner, like support needed... could take days or even weeks to post.

Although I dont like seeing "free phones. i-pads. whatever. I dont mind overlooking the few that are there to be able to 'post to my buddies' here.

Sorry, I just had to vent at the impatience here.

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