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Originally Posted by Lenoriarose View Post
I can give you my suggestion, but I have a feeling some people will disagree with me. Don't worry about eating more than three meals a day. If you check out the Mayo Clinic's website, it calls the eating more than three meals a day bogus, since it really does NOT make a difference.
I think that while eating more than 3 meals a day may not increase your metabolism I wouldn't call it bogus. For me at least, eating 5 meals a day has reset what my brain and body are telling me as to how full I am.

As for the OP, I would add nuts such as almonds or cashews to your diet as they are perfect grab and go food and real energy boosters. I would also adjust your percentages every few weeks till you find something that sticks. Wasting a few weeks to find your niche and not losing is better than trying to force something that wont stick.

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