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Hi everyone! I'm looking for people to help keep me motivated too. It's great to read everyone's stories and hear similar situations. It's good that we can all be in this together. I'm 28 and need to lose about 80 pounds. I've already lost about 14, so 61 to go! I am very lazy. I absolutely love tv and reading. The thought of exercising totally stinks. However, I figured out part of my problem. I've always belonged to planet fitness, but all you can do there is machines and weights. I finally joined the ymca, and enjoy going there much more because you can do activities instead of just machines (e.g. classes, tennis, swimming). I also use my wii alot and play the game "just dance". I look like a total idiot, but it's really fun and a great workout.
I look forward to reading everyone's posts!
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