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Carboholics unite!

I go through stretches where I crave carbs alot, then it subsides. I have not connected this to getting adequate protein yet. But I believe keeping up the protein percentage will result in feeling more satisfied and curb the carb cravings. I am still struggling with getting my daily protein intake up (but I am getting there!).

Good point a few people have made about the choices of carbs; I think that is very important to consider, and something I never thought about. Keeping an eye on that carb percentage is a good thing to track, but also giving yourself some room to see the number may be higher than your 'goal percentage', but consider the sources of the carbs. I am going to take that into account from now on.

I have heard that about aspartame too, being linked to increased carb cravings. From what I have discovered, there is nothing at all positive about consuming aspartame! I can't eat it because I developed some sort of allergic reaction a couple years ago. And perhaps that was a blessing in disguise.
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