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Hi Hedgiehog and Katie! Glad to see new people again. I'm 27...but I wouldn't mind being 23 again!!

Well...I just wanted to see how everyone is doing?! I hope we're all staying motivated!! I'll be the first to admit...I'm not staying motivated to work out but as far as eating, I'm still doing great. It just seems like I've been sleeping so well lately and I hate to get out of bed at 5:30! But I did buy a pedometer (although it keeps falling off my hip!) so I've been using that to keep track of how many steps I'm taking. Then I try to inrease by 100. It seemed like alot at first, but I think it has been getting easier. I'm just so LAZY!!! I don't enjoy working out. The only part I like is b****ing out the person on the work out dvd!

Hope everyone is doing great!!

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