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I need to start making more plans, b/c I just graze and eat at work if I have no plan. Today I ate like, 5 pieces of iced coffee cake and TWO Einstein's bagels w cream cheese, and then had huge lunch and huge dinner (mac and cheese and hamburgers and bacon and wine and chocolate). I am so crazy!!!! I can't stop eating!

At least I just did a 1-hour video, "The Abs Diet for Women Workout." I just got it out of the library and it is GREAT!

- oatmeal and milk and coffee for breakfast
- green beans, cheese stick, purple yam, apple for lunch
- going to a food tasting (like tastefully simple) party for dinner, so I'll try to avoid the creamy dips and things.

I think I'll be too sore from today's workout to do much, maybe go for a walk. Sat AM I'll run 4-5 miles.
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