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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post
Saying carbs are bad is a huge oversimplification. I'd suggest you look into the glycemic index, which is a way of measuring a food's impact on blood sugar. The lower this number, the less a food will raise your blood sugar. Having big spikes in blood sugar is usually follwed by big dips that set off cravings for more of what caused the spike in the first place. Getting your blood sugar stable is key for many people to lose weight

There's a huge difference between "carbs" and "simple carbohydrates". Basically anything processed or "white" is a simple carb (white rice, potatoes, white bread, pasta). This stuff is so easily converted to pure sugar, the process starts happening in your mouth. Chew a piece of white bread, then hold it in your mouth for a minute or so-you can taste it getting sweeter just from the saliva breaking it down! Whole-grain breads and pastas take longer to break down, because your body has to deal with the fiber to get to the sugar.

Same thing with fruits vs. fruit juices. Yeah juice is going to have the vitamins still, but all the fiber is taken away, so fruit juice is going to jack up your blood sugar just as fast as mountain dew.

Raw or whole foods, because they're in an unprocessed state, tend to be much higher in fiber and lower on the glycemic index. Low GI foods tend to take longer to digest, so they tend to satisfy hunger better. A whole apple will fill you up longer than applesauce, and whole grain bread will stick with you longer than white bread.
I don't eat any simple carbs. I don't even have bread anymore. May i ask what you have done that seems to have worked for you? You are roughly at the weight I want to reach...
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